During the past several years, this meeting has attracted hundreds of Israel’s bioinformatics scientists from academia, industry, and government. Israel is a world leader in Bioinformatics and this conference is the central meeting nationwide.

This year, besides the scientific part, we wish to start a tradition of making IBS a meeting place for all bioinformatics figures in Israel, offering exposure to leading players in the field. As part, we will conduct a mini job-fair for providing an opportunity for students, advisors and employers to meet and make initial contacts. We invite parties such as labs, companies, and government bureaus to present their relevant activities. We will provide several levels of facilities for this matter. These include posting a sign on a dedicated board, sending a delegate to the conference, placing a booth, and posting a logo on all conference publications.

We expect participation of 350-400 researchers (students and PIs). Private and public bodies who already joined this call, including IBM, I-CORE (two centres), The University of Haifa, Edmond J. Safra Bioinformatics center, The National Academy of Sciences, and others, appear on list of sponsors.

We believe this is an excellent opportunity to get involved in the growing and vibrant bioinformatic activity in Israel, and invite you to contact the organizers for further information.

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