Program Abstracts - Tal Shay BGU

Identification and visualization of splicing bias from single cell RNA sequencing

Tal Shay BGU

Single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) has revolutionized the understanding of cell population heterogeneity in many biological fields, including immunology. While the number of available scRNA-seq datasets increases fast, the availability of analysis methods is lagging behind. We have created JingleBells, a repository of publicly available scRNA-seq datasets in a uniform annotated BAM format. That format is readily visible in IGV, a popular tool for RNA-seq visualization. This repository is accompanied by a suit of methods to identify splicing bias, where the single cell isoform usage is significantly different from the population level usage. I will describe the methods and their application to several publicly available immune datasets, and identify cases where isoforms usage is  regulated at the single cell level by a non-negligible proportion of the cells.

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