Program Abstracts - Omer Bard - NRGene

The next revolution in genomics: exploring complex genome assembly to pan-genome construction

Omer Barad - NRGene

Accurate and cost-effective de novo assembly of even the most complex genomes is now in reach. The talk will describe the successful full de-novo assembly of the hexaploid 16 Gb bread wheat genome and its wild relatives using NRGene's DenovoMAGICTM 2.0 tool.
The ability to assemble multiple wheat genomes in a most efficient manner paved the way to unravel the broad genomic diversity employed in breeding. Comparing the full genomic sequences of multiple varieties using GenoMAGIC tool will enable to reveal the full genomic diversity and construct a pangenome. The pangenome will be used to impute the full genome sequence of each wheat-derived line within large populations from a very low cost genotyping data, to enhance trait mapping, gene discovery and genomic selection.

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